Member Spotlight: Arthur Grunbaum

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Arthur (R.D.) Grunbaum WCMAC Conservation Seat R.D. shows his leadership and passion through many community groups and conservation efforts. He is President of Friends of Grays Harbor and a member of the Grays Harbor Marine Resources Committee. R.D. also chairs the Newsletter Committee for the Grays Harbor Audubon Society and is the founding member and… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Mark Cedergreen

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Mark Cedergreen WCMAC Recreational Fishing Seat Mark moved to Westport with his parents in 1956 and purchased Westport Charters from his parents in 1976 after having commercially fished from California to Alaska and operated charter boats from time to time. From 1996 until he semi-retired in 2015, Mark worked for the Westport Charter Boat Association… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Larry Thevik

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Larry Thevik WCMAC Commercial Fishing Seat Larry is a lifetime resident of Washington State and has been the owner and/or operator of several commercial fishing vessels over the past 45 years. The last three decades he has owned and operated the fishing vessel Midnight Star. He is a member of the state appointed Washington Coastal… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Tiffany Turner

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Tiffany Turner WCMAC Economic Development Seat Tiffany is the daughter of a commercial fishermen and grew up on the Peninsula. She and her husband, Brady, own The Inn at Discovery Coast, the Adrift Hotel and Pickled Fish Restaurant in Long Beach, and the Ashore Hotel in Seaside. Tiffany has an impressive resume as a member… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Joshua Berger

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Joshua Berger WCMAC Commerce Seat Joshua started working at the Department of Commerce in November 2015 as the Economic Development Director for Washington’s maritime industry sector. Joshua brings a depth of business and economic development knowledge to his commerce seat on the WCMAC. He has been a recognized leader in several professional settings, as the… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Randy Lewis

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Randy Lewis WCMAC Ports Seat Randy is a new member of the WCMAC as the ports representative. Randy is the Director of Environmental and Engineering Services for the Port of Grays Harbor. Randy retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after 21 years of service and became the City Administrator for the City of Westport from… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Brian Sheldon

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Brian Sheldon WCMAC Aquaculture Seat   Brian is the owner of Northern Oyster Company in Willapa Bay. His family homesteaded near the shores of Willapa in the 1880’s, and his grandfather started the company in 1934. Brian’s family has been growing clams and oysters on tide flats for three to five generations depending on which… Read more »

Member Spotlight: Garrett Dalan

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Garrett Dalan WCMAC Chairperson and Grays Harbor Marine Resources Committee Seat Garrett recently joined The Nature Conservancy as the Washington Coast Conservation Coordinator and was appointed to the Grays Harbor County Marine Resource Committee (GHC MRC). For the decade prior he worked for the Grays Harbor County Division of Environmental Health, which included being the… Read more »

Q: What is a use analysis? How will the use analysis identify conflicts?

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A: The use analysis process: Summarizes data on existing uses (such as fishing, aquaculture, recreation, and shipping); Assesses where those existing uses would interact with potential new uses (such as renewable energy); Informs the development of recommendations. Image is a visual representation of combining data layers into a map series for the use analysis.  … Read more »

How are we doing? New tool reports progress on the MSP

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How are we doing? In a planning process that has so many moving parts, many participants are wondering, overall, how are we doing? This tool provides an updated progress report on the overall process. The goals and objectives used in this tool were identified through stakeholder workshops, tribal government consultations, and a public SEPA scoping… Read more »