Q&A: Why is there a significant focus on marine renewable energy?

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Q: Why is there a significant focus on marine renewable energy?   A: Several years ago, developers interested in pursuing marine renewable energy began seeking permits and licenses for this activity for various areas in Washington’s marine waters and elsewhere in the nation. Stakeholders, agencies and others were concerned that there wasn’t process in place… Read more »

Ecological Indicator Results Presentation

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Join Washington Sea Grant and NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center for a presentation on Washington’s ecological indicators. Fisheries research biologist, Kelly Andrews, will present on the methodology and development of ecological indicators. What: Ecological indicators provide a way to monitor the overall health of an ecosystem The results of the project were a compilation of… Read more »

How Much Money do Washington Residents Spend on Recreation?

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The Surfrider Foundations’ Washington Policy Manager, Gus Gates, will present the results of the Surfrider and Point 97 project to collect a baseline characterization of coastal and ocean recreational use patterns. The recreational use survey polled coastal and ocean recreation users to summarize the intensity of specific recreational activities along the Washington coast. The results… Read more »

Q & A: It seems like there should be other fishing data available on the map viewer. Why don’t I see it there?

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Q: It seems like there should be other fishing data available on the map viewer. Why don’t I see it there? A: To protect the livelihood of commercial fishers providing the information. Washington State Law exempts some commercial fishing data from public disclosure if the release of the data would result in an unfair disadvantage… Read more »

Where are forage fish spawning?

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The Department of Fish and Wildlife just released results from a monthly, two year survey of Washington’s outer coast which identifies forage fish spawning grounds. Results from each year were integrated to provide a comprehensive evaluation of all seasons. The study: Sampled 89% of possible spawning habitat on the outer coast, Documented 40 spawning sites,… Read more »

Giving Thanks for Seastars

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For the past year, anyone that notices changes in the marine waters has likely noticed dramatic changes to the sea stars along the west coast. Scientists and researchers have documented a rapid decline in important populations of sea stars. These populations have slowly succumbed to white lesions and eventually appear to melt to death. Cases… Read more »

What Do You Do at the Beach?

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In May, the Surfrider Foundation launched a survey to document the recreational use of Washington’s coast to assist with future planning of Washington’s coast. So far, over 280 surveys have been voluntarily completed. The survey closes on October 31, 2014 so be sure to fill it out yourself and encourage anyone who recreates on the… Read more »

How Does the Ocean Change With the Season?

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As you note changes in the land environment, you may also wonder how ocean conditions change with the seasons. New information from the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington use models and a variety of images to display the physical and chemical changes of Washington’s coastal waters throughout a typical year. These conditions… Read more »

Sector Analyses Reports Available

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We are excited to announce that the sector analyses final reports are available on the MSP Projects webpage. The reports describe current and potential future activities of marine sectors along the Washington coast and assess the potential conflicts with the development of other uses. Each report synthesizes information from publicly available sources and draws on… Read more »

Mapping tool has new functions

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The Department of Natural Resources recently launched new features for the MSP interactive mapping tool. Now you can: View data related to sector themes (such as shipping), Find your location, Select any township, lat-long coordinate, or county and have the map immediately orient to that location. These new functions are intended to assist you to… Read more »