The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS), the Active Tectonics & Seafloor Mapping Lab (AT&SML) at Oregon State University, and several contributing partners worked together to compile raw seafloor mapping data and stitch them together into a seafloor atlas.

The group remapped data when necessary, standardized the classifications and methodologies, and applied existing ground-truth information as appropriate. Data in the seafloor atlas include seabed habitat, backscatter, bathymetry, structural data, and remote sensing with multibeam sonar information.
Scope of Work
Seafloor Mapping Final Report
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The Washington Department of Ecology, with several partners, conducted high resolution multibeam bathymetric, single beam bathymetric, and topographic lidar mapping in the shallow intertidal and subtidal coastal areas and around river mouths on Washington’s Pacific coast. This research will allow Ecology to assess sediment stability and natural resource limitations to the installation of sustainable ocean energy infrastructure.
Scope of Work
View North Coast Waverunner Summary Report.
View South Coast Waverunner Summary Report.
View Coastal Multibeam Survey Summary Report.
View Nearshore Bathymetry of Quinault/Quileute Indian Nations Summary Report.

The University of Washington’s School of Oceanography developed spatial data related to plankton productivity and bottom oxygen levels (hypoxia) in order to map and model ocean conditions and trends.
Scope of Work
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