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The Science Advisory Panel serves as an independent entity in the Marine Spatial Planning process that provides science-based review of data and project information for the plan. Members of the panel include experts from federal and state governments and academic institutions.
The panel is convened by Washington Sea Grant, in consultation with the State Ocean Caucus and the Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council (WCMAC).
The primary role of the Science Advisory Panel is to provide neutral, science based information and bring additional credibility to the planning process. The panel responds to science review requests that include the review of data, identification of additional baseline information, and answering questions about project methodology. The Science Advisory Panel may also review current project outcomes and provide feedback on draft chapters of the Marine Spatial Plan that are relevant to their areas of expertise. Information from the panel enriches the exchange of science and information between planners, stakeholders, and scientific experts.

Science Advisory Panel Materials

This portion of the website is intended to distribute information about projects and meeting materials. It will be updated on a regular basis. Panel members should refer to Sea Grant materials for specific timelines and due dates.

Introductory Materials


Scientific Review Requests