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Alla Weinstein
WCMAC Energy Industry Seat
Alla is a renewable energy entrepreneur. She is also a founder of Trident Winds, LLC, a project development company works to provide deep-water offshore wind solutions. Alla is a former Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Principle Power Inc, a deep water offshore wind technology company. She successfully developed a wave energy conversion technology with AquaEnergy Group Ltd. Alla brings over thirty five years of international industry experience and is an excellent representative of the energy industry for the WCMAC. She is a frequent speaker in the US. and Europe on renewable energy development and served as the first President of the European Ocean Energy Association.

What does marine spatial planning mean to you?
Development of renewable energy projects in the marine environment requires extensive work with others that use the same space. Marine Spatial Planning is the first step in identifying such uses and the respective stakeholders. We live in an interconnected world, and as such, have to negotiate co-existance between various parties.

How did you get involved and why are you involved in the planning process?
I was appointed by Governor Inslee and with the founding of Trident Winds and the subsequent initiation of the Morro Bay Offshore project development, I find myself implementing Marine Spatial Planning in real time by negotiating project site with user groups around the globe.

What do you hope the WCMAC can accomplish with the Washington Marine Spatial Plan?
WCMAC can prepare a plan that would define the most viable use of the Washington coastline based on the existing constrains. Such plan also can recommended changes to the existing constrains to achieve the best benefits for the state.

Anything else interesting about you?
Oceans and the marine life are the first that are being impacted by the climate change as the heat trapped in the atmosphere heats up the ocean waters. Any planning has to take into account that we the humans are responsible to the climate change and as such have to increase the use of clean, renewable energy. Oceans provide the most amount of that energy on the planet. It is up to us how best we use the available resources in a sustainable way.

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