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Arthur (R.D.) Grunbaum
WCMAC Conservation Seat
R.D. shows his leadership and passion through many community groups and conservation efforts. He is President of Friends of Grays Harbor and a member of the Grays Harbor Marine Resources Committee. R.D. also chairs the Newsletter Committee for the Grays Harbor Audubon Society and is the founding member and treasurer of The Grays Harbor Institute. Recently, he has been working to raise awareness and advocacy surrounding the issue of oil terminals along the coast. R.D. uses his interest in community issues and raising public awareness to successfully serve as the Program Director, co-General Manager, and co-Engineer of the community public radio stations KGHI 91.1 and KGHE 89.1. R.D. is a passionate activist who brings practical solutions and concerns to the WCMAC as the Conservation Seat.

R.D. Grunbaum

What does Marine Spatial Planning mean to you?
MSP offers the region an opportunity to recognize the marine assets we have as a community and to “future think” about the potential benefits and/or impacts of introducing new uses that may affect present functions and values.

How did you get involved and why are you involved in the planning process?
As a member of the coastal community, it is clear that protection of our beaches, estuaries, and ocean habitats begins with a careful understanding and appreciation of the ecosystem as it exists today. Introducing new uses or expanding current uses may have profound impacts to the community’s way of life, its wildlife, and its aesthetic values. We must plan for the long-term and base decisions on a balance of natural processes and human influences.

What do you hope the WCMAC can accomplish with the Washington Marine Spatial Plan?
I hope the plan will be a guideline that honors and respects nature, the unique tribal influence and rights within our State, and the communities themselves as sustainable entities that work in harmony with existing and future uses of our waters and their resources.

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